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Vogue Metals & Commodities House DMCC

Vogue Metals and Commodities House DMCC (the ‘Vogue’): Vogue is registered with Dubai Gold and Commodity Exchange (DGCX) as a full member and is generating large profits by trading in energy and metal futures.

The Company has specialized in physical trade of gold. Vogue is taking advantage of the current buoyancy in the market with the surge in world wide demand for gold and is procuring gold from Africa and Russia.

Link Global Ltd

Taj Arabia -

Falcon City of Wonders (FCW), in Dubai

Link Global Ltd:
The company wishes to set up the uniquely conceptualized Taj Arabia project in the upcoming Falcon City of Wonders (FCW), in Dubai, UAE. A detailed feasibility report has been prepared for the client to identify the financial viability of the project and present a synopsis of the market analysis and business environment within which the project would operate.

The Taj Arabia project is designed to be a multidimensional real estate development which will consist of a luxurious landmark five star hotel, six mixed-use themed buildings with lifestyle apartments, retail, restaurants and cafes and boutique offices. A focal component of the project will be that the hotel will be an actual scale replica of the majestic Taj Mahal monument of India.

The Falcon City of Wonders positioned along the Emirates Ring Road, a major arterial highway connecting Dubai to other Emirates is destined to become a unique tourist attraction and residential lifestyle community that will capture the spirit of ancient civilizations and incorporate numerous architectural marvels of the world. FCW is placed to become a cornerstone of Dubai’s ever growing tourist attraction.

The total project cost for the proposed Taj Arabia development is estimated at US$ 600 million. The project will be financed partly with owners equity and rest from external borrowings. The company has already acquired and paid for 2.1 million sq feet of build up area on land of 90,000sqm.

SM Holdings Ltd

SM Holdings Ltd: The company has made several investments in real estate in Dubai both for rental income and capital appreciation. In addition the company has taken 40% stake in purchase of land for the Taj Arabia Project valued at US $ 90 million. As per BDO feasibility report the total cost of the Taj Arabia Project is approx US $ 400 million. On completion of the Taj Arabia project the company will be entitled to 40% share in the entire real estate comprising of a five star hotel, shopping souk and service apartments. The company is anticipating considerable appreciation in this real estate value in near future.

CEA Contracting LLC

CEA Contracting LLC: The company was established under JV with CE Construction Ltd an India company with over 20 year of experience in construction. The company has tied with Burj Alliance Group on a 49:51 basis. Burj Alliance is a leading and reputed player in construction in the region. The company since 2004 has undertaken both small and large construction projects in the UAE and has derived large profits due to the boom in the construction/real estate sector and as of today it is debt free.

Link Energy Ltd

Link Energy Ltd (LE): LE has been established to set up a 600MW (extendable to 1,200 MW) gas based power plant in Gujarat, India. Request for proposal for Detailed Project Report has already been issued to Engineers India Ltd (a Government of India enterprise) for setting up this project. An amount of US $ 10 million has already been advanced for procurement of Gas Turbines to a company in the UK. The management of LE is in the final stages of identifying the land and gas supply agreement with Gas Authority of India. LE has signed an MOU for acquiring up to 90% for oil exploration with a company based in UK. This company has right to explore oil in Alibek East Structure in Aktobe, Oblast, Kazakhstan with estimated oil reserves of 2 billion barrels. The company has full backing of the Ministry of Oil and Gas, Republic of Kazakhstan.

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